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Leg orthoses

Leg orthoses

How can we keep you going?

Quite often we can do something to reduce the symptoms

When walking no longer comes natural

For most people, walking comes natural. They don’t think about it. They just do it. At Ambroise we think about people for whom walking is not so normal: If the muscles in your leg are not working properly. If you have pain with every step you make. If you wake up at night in pain because you walked too much during the day. If you just stumble unexpectedly. If your knees suddenly give way. If you always have to place your foot with caution. Or if even a short walk tires you considerably. For us, these are everyday stories from practice. Fortunately, it does not end with these stories. Very often we can do something to reduce the symptoms, thus helping you to stay on your feet and to remain mobile. Click below and browse through the various leg orthoses we have in our portfolio.

Sometimes a leg orthesis, sometimes not

Always a thorough analysis

Even though at Ambroise we are proud of the orthoses we develop and produce, we understand perfectly well that you’d rather not require such an leg brace (orthosis). Therefore, we pay careful attention to the analysis of the problem in relation to the specific needs of each individual client. Sometimes this means that we will recommend that a brace is not the best solution. Sometimes we will refer you to another practitioner or back link you to your current therapist. And sometimes we can help you with one of the lightweight dynamic orthoses that we have in our portfolio. However, please be assured that we do our best to give you good and sound advice.

The Ambroise leg orthosis portfolio

Ambroise currently has 4 product groups in its leg orthosis porfolio and 1 prosthetic component. The UTX full leg braces , The Genux OA knee brace, Our ankle foot orthoses,  Our Dynamic Clubfoot orthosis and The Radix leg prosthesis component . Visit the landing page of each group or click through to the detail pages per product. To find out if a specific Ambroise leg orthosis or the Radix prosthetic component could bennefit you, please read the information on the detail pages, or call / email us for an appointment with one of our clinical specialists (NL) Nils or Joep.

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