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Provides more stability around the ankle

Quickly up and running, safe and stable

The UTX ESF is a lightweight long leg brace (also called KAFO, orthosis, or splint) and extension of the UTX line.

Sometimes the ankle foot region needs more control. This can be the case, for example, if there are anatomical deformities around the foot or ankle. A custom made Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) will then be better able to provide good fit with the desired correction and support.

Also, the load line on the leg with an AFO can be more affected. For example, a serious knee over stretching can be better managed if we start from the ankle to keep the working line of the loading on the leg line as close as possible to the knee, which means that the AFO should ensure that the lower leg in the ankle can not lean too far back.

For those situations, the UTX ESF has been developed. This orthosis combines a lightweight UTX frame with an individually custom-made Ankle Foot Orthosis (EVO) to ensure optimal control over both the ankle and the knee. ESF is an abbreviation of AFO (in Dutch EVO)-STABIL-FREE, which refers to the construction of this leg brace: the integration of an UTX STABIL or an UTX FREE with a custom-made AFO.

The UTX SWING can also be combined with an AFO, but then there is also needed a UTX ankle hinge that is located next to the AFO (while this is not required at the STABIL and FREE). For this we have developed the UTX ESC. How it works, read more here

Specifications of the UTX-ESF

The UTX ESF is an UTX STABIL or UTX FREE integrated with a plastic (polypropylene, PP) AFO

Maximum stability with UTX STABIL model

  • Stable throughout the entire gait
  • Manually unlock to get seated
  • Unlocking well accessible on top of the orthosis

Extension stop only at the UTX FREE version

  • Free knee flexion throughout the entire gait
  • Extension stop to prevent hyperextension

Ankle and foot support

  • Supports a dropfoot
  • Supports a varus or valgus ankle
  • Supports a plantar flexion by the AFO
  • Can be combined with a stiffer AFO

Custom made

High comfort of wearing

  • Lightweight
  • Soft strap at the back side
  • Comfort during sitting
  • Comfortable pelotes at the front on the upper leg
  • Good pressure distribution
  • Can be worn fully underneath clothing

Modern design

  • Straps in nice anthracite color
  • New pelottes


UTX for people with weakened leg muscles

The UTX SWING is intended for people who suffer from reduced control over the quadriceps and, consequently, can no longer walk safely and stably. If, in addition, control over the stability of the hip has been affected, it is sometimes necessary to choose to fully lock the leg while walking, to remain safe standing and walking. Although we like to let you walk dynamically at Ambroise, it must be safe. For example, if it does not work with, for example, an UTX SWING we will use the UTX STABIL to realize a safe way of walking. Als daarnaast ook extra controle en opvang rond de enkel en voet nodig zijn, bv ten gevolge van spasticiteitsklachten, dan gebruiken we de UTX ESF STABIL.


Common illnesses where this may be the case are (among others):

For people who, besides reduced control over the quadriceps, also suffer from a valgus or varus instability of the knee, the ESF STABIL can also be performed as a UTX FS worden uitgevoerd.

If you still have good control over the hip muscles, then the UTX SWING may be a better solution for you. The SWING can also be integrated with a customized AFVO. That variant is called the UTX ESC.

Our clinical experts are happy to work with you to assess which variant best suits your situation.

Not suitable in case of:

  • Overweight (> 120 kg)
  • Knee flexion contracture> 10º
  • Non-correctable valgus / varus> 10º

Order codes UTX for the professional

400420 | UTX lateral | left
400421 | UTX lateral | right
400422 | UTX medial | left
400423 | UTX medial | right

400500 | UTX ESF lateral | left
400501 | UTX ESF lateral | right
400502 | UTX ESF medial | left
400503 | UTX ESF medial | right

400404 | UTX FS module

400405 | DZ Module | left
400406 | DZ Module | right

600000 | AFO based on photo measurement

UTX Manual

Or download the manual here

Video manual

In this video you can see how the orthosis is put on. For more videos about using the UTX, you can visit our YouTube channel

How does the UTX ESF work?

Detail UTX-ESF beenorthese

Detail of the UTX-ESF orthosis

The UTX ESF is used as STABIL or as FREE. In the first case, the knee hinge is locked for maximum stability during the entire walking cycle. Manually unlocking is possible using the button on top of the orthosis. See the UTX STABIL page for more details.
In the second case (version as FREE) the knee can bend freely throughout the entire walking cycle. The UTX knee hinge provides protection against over streching the knee. The extension stop in the knee hinge prevents hyperextension.

Integration with AVO

In both cases, the UTX frame is connected to a custom-made AFO. This can be an AFO, individually fitted for you, using our Swift photo-measurement technique, but adding a traditionally made cast model of a AFO is also possible

The custom-made AFO is attached to the UTX frame. The designed coupling makes it possible to adjust the AFO and foot position accurately during the fitting phase. For some people, that is important. A little bit more external rotation (turning the foot out ward) or even endorotation (turning inwards) can make a big difference in the feeling of stability and ease of footrolling.

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