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Trial session

Walking with a leg orthosis or moving with an arm orthosis requires some exercise and you have to get used to it. And in order to be able to get everything from an orthosis, it must also be perfectly fitted and individually adjusted. Therefore, an orthosis is individually customized and adjusted. We can not simply get the orthosis out of a box and lending it for a time. But we can give you an idea what you could expect with our evaluation orthosis.

Experience the orthosis yourself

With an evaluation orthesis you can experience what it is like to use this orthosis. We can tell you that our orthoses are very lightweight, but feeling is better. We can say that the orthosis provides stability, but really experience it, tells a lot more. And we can proudly explain that the UTX automatically locks and unlocks when needed, but only if you really walk with it, you notice what that means for you. Or, we can tell that the Wilmer Carrying Orthosis pushes your shoulder humeral head back in the socket so you have less pain in your shoulder and better use the arm, but you can experience it better yourself.

Experience how it is to be able to walk stable or make better use of the rest function in your arm. If you would like to know more about our orthoses, or make an appointment for your ‘orthetic experience’, please contact Ambroise or discuss this option with your therapist. Our clinical experts are at your disposal to explore with you the possibilities and impossibilities of the orthosis for you.

An orthosis something for me?

No one walks for fun with a leg orthosis or wears an arm orthosis. Therefore it is important to make the right choice. Only if the orthosis really fits you, you can become a satisfied user of our product. And that’s exactly what we are looking for.

Ask direct for a trial session

You can request a trial session by filling in the form below. After filling in the form, we will contact you by telephone to schedule an appointment inside the Netherlands.

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