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Static Night Splint

Static Night Splint

Stretching the shortened calf muscle

Simple and fast

The Night Splint is an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis, also known as brace) intended for stretching a shortened calf muscle. The night splint is available in two versions: a Dynamic and Static Night Splint. On this page you will find more details about our Static Night Splint. If you are more interested in the Dynamic Night Splint, click here.

Shortening of the calf muscle

With the Swift Static Night splint, a slim and stiff adjustable orthosis, shortening of the achilles tendon / calf muscle can be prevented or treated. Shortening of the calf muscle is very common for people who suffer from spasm in the calf muscle. Because the muscle is held in short position by the spasm for a longer period of time (where the ankle is brought in Plantar flexion, with other words: the foot is pulled in equinus position.), shorten it in the long run. The ankle can then no longer be brought completely into dorsal flexion (foot up).

Treatment is necessary

That can lead to pain, reversal foot strike during walking (first the toes on the floor, instead of first the heel on the floor) and ultimately even to klachten op complaints on knee-level (hyperextension). Treatment is therefore necessary.

Take your time

The shortening of the muscle does not happen overnight. You will not wake up in the morning with a shortened calf muscle. These types of processes in the body generally go gradual and taking time. Also the way back takes time. Stretching again does not go on its own and not quickly. In addition, time is more important than force. The prolonged tension of the muscle at its finite end with a low force is more pronounced than short-term pulling really hard. This is because of the combination of viscoelastic behavior and regeneration / growth of the body’s internal structures, which are both time-dependent.

Specifications of the Static Night Splint

  • The Static Night Splint is in fact a upholstered and stiff version of the Classic Swift AFO.
  • A simple and effective solution.
  • The Static Night Splint exerts pressure on the foot and ankle by pressing the foot into a more dorsal reflective posture (toes pointing upwards). The foot and ankle muscles are tighten with a strap on the bridge of the foot
  • This attracts the calf muscle to its limit and is kept tense.
  • Available in different colors and patterns
  • Strap in nice anthracite color
  • Edges nicely curled and perfectly finished
  • Possibility to add upholstery at the inside of the AFO
  • Possibility for addition of (own individually manufactured) insole
  • Custom made using Swift photo measurement technique.

Static Night Splint

The ankle is stretched by a strap around the bridge of the foot on the splint. This creates tension that brings correction to the internal structures. The degree of tension is determined by the force on the strap on the bridge of the foot, but mainly by the chosen angle of splint itself. Your therapist will make an estimate by measuring how far and how much he can bend your ankle.

Time is more important than force. It is better not to choose a too high stress, so that you can comfortably wear the orthosis for longer periods of time than with extreme correction to try to achieve maximum effect, but not able to handle the orthosis for a long time.


  • Sometimes a shortening occurs in the achilles tendon / calf muscle. This is usually due to increased tonus / spasticity in the calf muscle (especially the Gastrocnemius). This can eventually lead to severe walking disorders.
  • Raising the foot in the swing phase becomes difficult or even impossible, causing stumbling to occur more frequently.
  • In addition, at the strike of the foot in the stance phase, pressure under the forefoot (walking on the toes) occures very early. As a result, the lower leg is pushed backwards (the load line then is in front of the knee) and there is a considerable extending (stretching) load on the knee which may eventually lead to hyperextension (overstretching) of the knee, also known as Genu Recurvatum. This can be quite painful and leads to a progressive knee injury.
  • In the video on this page, you will see the above-mentioned elements of the gait (ie insufficient foot lift, pressure under the forefoot early in the stance phase and overstretching the knee). To prevent this from occurring, sometimes a Static Night Splint is prescribed. The purpose of this orthosis is to maintain the foot lifter structures (Achilles tendon and calf muscle) for a long time (several hours a night). Eventually they will then slowly stretching up. If the treatment is maintained for a long time, there is almost always a lasting result. For that reason, therapy loyalty is of course very important. Therefore, time is more important than force: you really do not have to torture yourself, but you have to hold on for a long time!

Order codes of the Static Night Splint for professionals

600000 | AFO based on photo measurement | Stiff version Night Splint

600004 | Addition print for AFO
600005 | Addition upholstery for AFO
600006 | Addition insole for AFO

600008 | Extra strap set | anthracite
600013 | Extra strap set | beige
600014 | Extra strap set | blue

The Ankle Foot Orthosis is available in several prints.

Manual photo measurement AFO

Or download here the AFO photo measurement manual

Photo measurement lateral

Photo measurement for a Swift orthosis

Also the Night Splint (both static as dynamic) are made using Swift photo measurement technique. That means a fast and simple route for you. No complicated and time-consuming session where your leg must be casted and fast delivery (Swift sends the AFO five business days after receiving all data).

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