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Arm orthoses

Arm orthoses

Innovative functionality

We understand very well you'd rather do without an arm brace

Being hands-on

A lack of control over arm or hand function can be extremely annoying. Even the simplest of actions, like buttoning up your shirt or zipping your pants, opening a full Coke bottle or carrying a purse, may suddenly appear almost impossible. Especially for people that are confronted with a defect in their arm or hand as a result of a condition or disease later in life, the frustration about these ‘simple’ things can sometimes be overwhelming. After all, you used to be ‘normal’.

At Ambroise we try to bring back maximum functionality of your arm using minimal resources. We can not heal your arm. But we can try to recover some of the functions of your arm by using a brace or orthosis. For that we have a line of lightweight orthoses in our portfolio. All are developed according to our 3C philosophy (Cosmesis, Comfort and Control). On this page you can get acquainted with the arm braces from Ambroise.

Sometimes an arm brace, sometimes not

Always a thorough analysis

Even though at Ambroise we are proud of the orthoses we develop and produce, we understand perfectly well that you’d rather not require such an arm brace (orthosis). Therefore, we pay careful attention to the analysis of the problem in relation to the specific needs of each individual client. Sometimes this means that we will recommend that a brace is not the best solution. Sometimes we will refer you to another practitioner or back link you to your current therapist. And sometimes we can help you with one of the lightweight dynamic orthoses that we have in our portfolio. However, please be assured that we do our best to give you good and sound advice.

What’s in it for you?

With the Ambroise arm orthoses we offer innovative lightweight solutions for the functional problems of your arm. They will help you to use your arm more often, so that you can discover what you still can do, rather than focus on what you can’t do anymore with you arm. Our arm orthoses are characterized by:

  • Innovative design
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Cosmesis
  • Maximum functionality using minimal resources


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