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Static Hand Splint

Static Hand Splint

Intended for people who need a rest splint for their spastic hand

Finding rest

Ambroise has developed a customized Static Hand Splint (abbreviated as SHS), intended for people who suffer from spasticity in the hand and wrist, where restraining the muscles and joints from hand and wrist is necessary to give some rest. The use of this splint (also known as orthosis or brace) usually reduces pain, but the main goal is preventing and treating shortened muscles (contractures).

No more struggle during measurement

A custom made static resting splint for spastic hands is not new at all. Such splints have been made by almost every local orthopedic company for years. However, making such splints can be quite a struggle for both the client and the orthotist. A plaster model is made of your hand. The orthotist must wrap wet plaster around your hand and correct your hand and wrist as much as possible while the plaster is drying, but keep it as quiet as possible in that position. A serious challenge with a spastic hand that tends to get more active when touched,or just if you focus on that hand more.

Making photos is easier

Photo measurement Static Hand SplintAmbroise has developed a technique that does not require that struggle. We use Velcro straps on a size board. Because this technique costs a lot less time, we have all the time to relax the hand. Once we have reached that rest, we do not have to touch or wrap the hand anymore. We only have to make two photos of it. One from above and one from the side from the thumb side.

Software does the rest

Our own developed software is able to turn the taken photos into a 3D-model of your hand. With that model we can then apply the desired correction position. The computer-controlled milling machine makes it a hard-foam production mold.

Not only faster, especially much easier for you and the orthopedic therapist!

Specifications of the Static Hand/Wrist Splint (SHS)

  • Static resting splint
  • Lightweight PP (polypropylene)
  • Simple measurement with photos
  • Gives rest in muscles and joints
  • Keep your hand supple
  • Keep the palm of the hand accessible for cleaning
  • A next splint, with more, or even less correction, can be made without doing a measurement

Further specifications and versions of the Static Hand/Wrist Splint

  • Custom made for you
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple colors and prints possible

The SHS can be worn either during the day or at night, but is not a functional splint in the sense that using your hand is possible while wearing.


The Static Hand Splint (SHS) is intended for people who need a resting splint. In most cases, severe spasticity is the underlying problem. Spasm in the hand is common in central neurological disorders, such as a stroke (CVA).

Fighting contractures and reducing pain due to spasms is usually the purpose of the hand brace. The ever-convulsively contracting muscles, bring the wrist and fingers with maximum flexion bending,  can be very painful and eventually lead to shortening of these muscles (without treatment). As a result, fingers and wrist can not be stretched properly. In extreme cases, there is even a situation that the palm of the hand can not be reached. This part can not be kept clean anymore, which may even lead to intertrigo and subsequent inflammation. Therefore, timely treatment is necessary. The SHS may be part of that treatment.


Spastic hand

Order for the professional

600018 | Static Hand/Wrist Splint | left
600019 | Static Hand/Wrist Splint | right

250504 | Carrying Orthosis for the purpose of the Static Hand/Wrist Splint | left
250505 | Carrying Orthosis for the purpose of the Static Hand/Wrist Splint | right


Carrying orthosis for the purpose of Static Hand/Wrist Splint


Static Hand Splint (right)

The brace is available in several prints

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