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The Ambroise team

Do as much as possible themselves,
and that with a small team.

The right mix of people - down to earth mentality - knowledge and experience - enjoying our work

Ambroise does as much as possible themselves, and that with a small team. From drawing board to actual product, we have the knowledge. With an enthusiastic team, every day we are ready for you to design beautiful products. To mount them with care and love for technology. And to give you advice, from our collective knowledge on what is the most functional solution for you, how it can be fitted and how you can get the maximum out of it.
It is wonderful work to help you and get you maximum functionality by using our orthoses. Therefore the Ambroise team is happy to help you and find the best solution.


Meet the team:

Nils van Leerdam



Nils is the founding father of Ambroise. After his PhD at the University of Twente, in 1994, he started Ambroise with just the UTX orthosis back then. Meanwhile, Ambroise has become a well-known supplier of different orthoses.

Nils loves developing new orthoses. Over the years he has managed to develop an impressive range of innovations. Fortunately, he is not alone in that. The R&D team consists of Mark, Bibian and Nils. Together they form the innovative heart of the company.

Nils also likes working with the client at Ambroise, but also on location in the country and that for over twenty years. These years of experience has taught Nils a lot about how orthoses can help to increase the functional abilities of the client. To put that knowledge into practice in order to help people gives Nils a kick. After all, the fitting room is the place where Nils learns every day how Ambroise’s orthoses can be designed even better.

Joep de Laat



Joep is a trained orthotist. He is trained to individually advise about what orthoses best suit the client’s functional limitations. Since Joep has worked at Ambroise, he has developed himself into a very valuable employee, because of his quiet personality and expert way of working he gives clients confidence that they are in good hands. And the are. Joep always keeps himself open and honest for his clients. Joep works together with the physician and local orthotist to help to find the best solution.

Joep is active throughout the Netherlands to give advice on location, to measure or adjust orthoses. Joep is more oriented to the south of the Netherlands, while Nils is more active in Northern parts of the Netherlands, but regularly they choose who can best help the client.

Mark Besselink



Mark is working at Ambroise since 2000 after his studies Biomechanical Engineering at the University of Twente. Mark is responsible for Research & Development at Ambroise. At Ambroise we find it very important to never stop thinking about how we can make our products even better. That’s why Mark is also a very important player in the Ambroise team.

Together with Nils and Bibian, Mark has ensured that Ambroise is internationally recognized as a highly innovative player with a distinctive view of the development of ever-better orthoses, focusing on lightweight, dynamic and functional.

Bibian Bruin

Bibian Bruin


Bibian has joined Ambroise to give a boost the R&D team. This smart, creative, young designer has to give an extra impulse to the development of new, great Ambroise products. One of her challenges is to wake up the senior members Mark and Nils for new solution routes that we have left underexposed.



Chris van Dijken



Chris is the master of Ambroise’s internal process. He is responsible for the order administration. In addition, Chris manages purchasing and is the driving force behind our Q&A system. And if that is not enough, he is also the man who get’s almost all the questions (telephone and email) from customers and suppliers. Due to his all-round knowledge of our company and products, he is quickly able to answer you or, if necessary, refers to the right colleague.



Marloes Wilmink



Marloes has joined our team in order administration and customer support. Her always friendly and decisive attitude is nice for our customers on the phone, but also for her colleagues. Marloes just gets things done. That is why she has become a valued member of our team.



Semine Cansiz



Semine is a financial employee in our team.  She carefully processes our financial administration. Essential in ensuring we accurately invoice our customers, but also in ensuring that our suppliers get paid on time. On top of that, she likes to spoil the people around her with her cooking skills, leading to lovely smells in our kitchen during lunchtime every now and then.





Eva Korkina

Eva is a marketing employee responsible for overseeing and managing our online presence for both Ambroise and Amber Orthotics. She creates content for our website and social media channels, designs marketing materials, writes captivating customer stories and makes sure our websites are updated!



Thijs Wildevuur



Thijs is a technical factotum who’s found his joy in our workplace. With a lot of feeling for detail and finish, Thijs wants to make the best ortheses. Thijs is only happy if there is a “nice product” in the box.

As a real member of the Ambroise team, Thijs likes to take that one step more. And if Joep of Nils receives a message about another very satisfied client, Thijs already works with a big grin on a new orthosis for another client.





Wouter Stoffels

Wouter is a regular on our workshop team. With his calm nature and sense of detail, he is one of the rocks that makes us as Ambroise just always ship our orders on time. Busier than usual? You won’t get Wouter stressed. He just finishes his work, neat and precise as ever!



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