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Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis

Dynamic ankle foot orthosis

Optimal foot support,

also for spasms

Maximum control and flexible

Hinged and movable where possible.

The Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO, or called a splint or brace) is individually custom-made for people with paralysis around the ankle and foot. The Dynamic AFO has flexible hinges (Gillette – Tamarack). This will keep the AFO hinging smoothly, even if there is some torsion and rotation of the lower leg relative to the foot, movements that are very normal during standing activities, but also during walking.

With Plantair-Stop

In addition, the Dynamic AFO has a plantary stop. This stop ensures that the foot does not move further down than is set in the stop. This allows the foot to be raised sufficiently in case of spasms around the calf muscle.

Specifications of the Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis

  • The Dynamic AFO has a flexible hinge (Gillette – Tamarack)
  • This allows optimum control of the ankle and foot
  • Also good support for instability in valgus or varus (tilting ankle)
  • The rear side had a built in stop (plantary-stop). This prevents the foot from moving too much downwards.
  • Plantary stop contains damping layer
  • Custom made using Swift photo measurement technique.
  • Available in different colors and patterns
  • Strap in nice anthracite color
  • Edges nicely curled and perfectly finished
  • Possibility to add upholstery at the inside of the AFO
  • Possibility for addition of (own individually manufactured) insole

The build-in stop


Foot drop

  • People who have no control over the foot lifts (especially the Tibialis anterior muscle ) can not lift the foot properly during the swing phase, but they can not properly control the foot to hit the floor smoothly. With them, the foot hits after heel contact with high speed the floor. That’s what is called foot drop. The plantar-stop of the Dyamic AFO prevents the foot from dropping too much.
  • Sometimes there is also a loss of control over the ankle in the frontal plane (tilting ankle – valgus or varus). Because the Dynamic AFO has hinges on both sides and large support surfaces, the orthosis is also able to correct a varus or valgus instability.
  • This tilt (usually varus) can also be caused by spasm of the calf muscles. A spit-varus foot (equinovarus) will occur.
  • An equinus of the foot due to a spastic calf muscle is often associated with high forces. The plantar-stop of the Dynamic AFO is capable of absorbing great forces.

Causes foot drop

There may be several reasons for failure on the foot lifters, for example:

  • MS
  • CVA
  • Nervous peroneus failure, for example due to a hernia
  • Various muscle disorders

For limited dropouts (eg only a foot drop), a simpler orthosis is recommended, for example the SpringSwing or the classic Swift AFO.

Order codes for professionals

600017 | Dynamic hinged AFO

600004 | Addition print for AFO
600005 | Addition upholstery for AFO
600006 | Addition insole for AFO

600008 | Extra strap set | anthracite
600013 | Extra strap set | beige
600014 | Extra strap set | blue

The Ankle Foot Orthosis is available in several prints.

Manual photo measurement AFO

Or download here the AFO photo measurement manual

Photo measurement lateral

Photo measurement for a Swift orthosis

The Dynamic AFO is also made based on the Swift photo measurement technique. That means a fast and simple route for you. No complicated and time-consuming session where your leg must be casted and fast delivery (Swift sends the AFO five business days after receiving all data).

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