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Nobody wears an orthosis for fun. You will only start looking for a product like an orthosis if something is wrong with the functioning of your body: ‘the disorder’. This generally leads to the start of the process: ‘the ‘help’ question’.
If you have questions about the disorder of your body, please contact your doctor. If a disorder leads to a loss of function of an arm or leg, an orthosis may sometimes (partly) compensate for this loss of function.


The first doctor who is usually consulted when disorder occurs is the general practitioner (GP). The GP may refer, if necessary, to a specialist, such as a rehabilitation physician, a neurologist or an orthopedic surgeon. This specialist continues to look for the causes of the disorder and possible treatments.
An orthosis can sometimes be prescribed as part of the treatment. It also occurs that after treatment there is still a functional restriction for which an orthosis is required.


If the physician has the opinion that an orthosis may contribute to the treatment, or that the orthosis may compensate for the functional constraints remaining (partly) after treatment, he prescribes this product.
Many orthoses are covered by health insurance. In order to declare the orthosis with the insurer, the doctor’s recommendation is generally required.

Selection of orthesis

Which orthosis is suitable in your situation? This is determined by means of a selection protocol. Step by step will be looked in what condition your leg or arm is, but also what your personal situation and needs are. This enables us to determine which solution we can advise you best.
The choice will then be yours.


Casting the leg or arm is not needed! The orthoses of Ambroise are individually custom made, based on two or three digitale photos using the Ambroise Photo Measurement Technique. Our software turns the photos into a digital drawing or mould with the exact contours and dimensions of the arm or leg. Taking the photos can take place at your home, at Ambroise or a rehabilitation center.

Training orthosis

Now our working is done, you need to get confident with the product with the help of a therapist. If the orthosis does not work properly or if you have any questions, you can always contact us.

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The orthoses of Ambroise are continuously in development

The orthoses of Ambroise are continuously in <strong> development </ strong>

UTX Legorthosis

  • Renewed pelottes The new pelottes are less prone to breakage, mounted more securely and cover off the pelotte carrier front better. And last but not least: they look better.
  • Hinge padding A nicely looking and perfectly tailored soft padding on the hinge prevents damage to clothes and furniture when you bump agains the hinge.
  • Integrated AFO It is now possible to integrate an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) with a UTX. As a result, a wider range of problems around the ankle and foot and can be resolved in combination with the UTX.