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Freedom of movement

Moving offers freedom. That much we know at Ambroise. Because at Ambroise we have been developing and producing products to support people in their movements when their body itself isn’t able to, since 1994. Braces, splints or orthoses for people with paralysis in arms or legs. That’s what we do.


Perfect fitting thanks to Ambroise Photo measurement

Dynamic walking

Ambroise is thé specialist in the field of dynamic walking. Our UTX orthosis was the first leg brace in the world that enabled a dynamic gait for people with weak quads. The knee can bend in the swing phase, but is kept stable in the stance phase. This is currently known as ‘stance control’. Ideal for people with limited control over the muscles around the knee. Thanks to the UTX orthosis they can walk safely ánd naturally.

User at the center of attention

When developing our products, the user was always the starting point. Comfort comes first and the user always has to be in control of his brace. We also provide a natural design, striving for minimal visibility of both the orthosis and the disability itself, by enforcing natural movement patterns. Thus offering maximal cosmesis. That’s why our motto is: That fits your body

In house development

Ambroise pays great attention to development and innovation. For over twenty years, we are continually trying to invent new solutions to your problems and improve the products we already have. We are not afraid to wipe existing solutions off the table and start all over again. That is why we are internationally recognized as a highly innovative company!


The fitting room and gait lab at Ambroise

In house production

At Ambroise we not only think about the development of a product, but also about the way the product has to be made. From fitting room (when doing the intake and measurement of a product for your condition) to fitting room (when adjusting and fine tuning a product to your leg or arm, once it’s ready). We produce and assemble all our products in house. We use many specially developed tools and custom machines, designed by our engineers. Only in that way we can make what we really want and keep the quality at top level.

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