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UTX series

UTX Series

Knee Ankle Foot orthosis for people whose leg muscles no longer function properly

Walking stable and dynamic

UTX lightweight dynamic leg orthosis

The UTX is a line of lightweight dynamic leg braces. This line is characterized by smart innovative solutions with eye for comfort and cosmetic. We try to give you maximum functionality with minimal resources. For a leg orthesis (also called a splint or brace) it’s of course about standing and walking. With a UTX we try to realize a stable, secure, but also dynamically as possible gait for people who can not stabilize the leg themselves properly.

More than just walking

But walking “okay” is not enough for the designers of Ambroise. What about for example donning and doffing of the brace or getting in and out of a car? People commonly sit more than they stand and walk, so why wouldn’t that be for our UTX users? That’s why we at Ambroise we take into account these normal daily activities.

Therefore, all the UTX orthoses are provided with a soft bandage at the rear side of the upper leg instead of hard shell parts (as is currently done with many conventional leg braces). It is much more enjoyable when sitting and leads to less-worn out clothing. In addition, the UTX is provided with a slim quick release technology, which lets you quickly close and open your UTX bandage, so you don’t have to search every day for the proper tension on the bandage.

The UTX SWING – First worldwide

The UTX SWING orthosis (one of the embodiments of the UTX) was the first orthosis in the world which stabilizes the leg, if necessary (while standing and during the stance phase of walking), but leaves free when possible (during the swing phase), so that walking with a natural knee flexion becomes possible again. Many people at that time could not believe that this could have been designed at a small company from Enschede. Over the years, the UTX line continuously improved and expanded. Partly because of this, the UTX orthosis is still one of the most innovative leg orthosis world wide and the flagship of Ambroise.

Various embodiments of the UTX orthosis

There are different embodiments of the UTX orthosis which can also be partly combined with each other. Click here if you want to know what different types and possibilities there are. You will then see a comprehensive overview of the many features of UTX. An anthology of some commonly used version is shown below.

A UTX, for who?

The UTX orthosis is a Knee Ankle Foot orthosis designed for people whose muscles no longer function properly. This can have many causes. These include the effects of MS (Multiple sclerosis) or a stroke (CVA: Cerebrovascular accident),
but also unfamiliar diseases such as IBM (Inclusion body myositis) or nervus femoralis neuropathy may be underlying causes. Characteristic is however that there is always loss of control over the quadriceps (femoris muscle), so that the knee can no more be well stabilized and walk is problematic.

A UTX orthosis for you?

There are several embodiments of the UTX orthosis depending upon the precise needs of the client. Which version is most appropriate depends on your situation from a few factors. A good anamnesis is important. There will be looked at your request for help, to your limits, but also your rest functions. Also your personal situation with regard to housing, employment and hobbies can affect the choice of the most suitable solution for you.

Our clinical experts will be happy to evaluate with you what the best solution is in your case. Ask for a free consultation (only in the Netherlands) if you want to know what the UTX can do for you. If you want to experience in advance what it is to walk with a UTX, we will adjust our UTX assessment orthosis to your leg. You can see and feel what it means to walk with a brace. You can make an appointment by calling +31 (0)53 430 28 36

Outside the Netherlands

Or contact us to learn about the options to get an UTX in your region. Your local orthotist and physiatrist can also indicate whether the UTX is a viable option in the treatment of your situation. If you want more information about the Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis, or if you are wondering if the UTX could benefit you, call us today on or read more on this page about the trial session of the UTX-orthosis means.

How to get a UTX orthosis?

if it turns out that a UTX orthosis is a convenient feature for you, it has to be made. This is done via a fixed stages. Click here to learn more about the different stages you have to walk through if you get a UTX orthosis.

The orthoses of Ambroise are continuous in development

  • Renewed pelottes The new pelottes are less prone to breakage, mounted more securely and cover off the pelotte carrier front better. And last but not least: they look better.
  • Hinge padding A nicely looking and perfectly tailored soft padding on the hinge prevents damage to clothes and furniture when you bump agains the hinge.
  • Integrated AFO It is now possible to integrate an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) with a UTX. As a result, a wider range of problems around the ankle and foot and can be resolved in combination with the UTX.

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